About Racing for a Cause

      Racing for a Cause was founded in 2009 by then 7 yr old Ricky Springer.  Ricky was born
     with an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder called Eosinophilic Colitis. Because of the
     lack of knowledge within the medical community about these disorders, Ricky suffered for
     the first 21 months of his life, seeing 18 different doctors who were unable to diagnose his
     illness.  Thanks to the assistance of
APFED, a patient advocacy group, Ricky's parents
     were able to locate a physician who was finally able to provide an accurate diagnosis and
     determine appropriate treatment.

     Because of Ricky's battle to obtain a diagnosis and treatment, in 2009 he decided to do
    something to make a difference for those who were still suffering.  As a dirt track go-kart
     racer, Ricky began using his racing as a platform to educate others and raise money to
     support the education of physicians about these diseases.

     Since the start of Racing for a Cause, Ricky, with the help of the Racing for a Cause Team 
     and race enthusiasts around the world, has educated over 7 MILLION people about
     eosinophilic diseases.  He has appeared on television shows, countless radio programs,
     in magazines, online articles, and print newspapers, hosted appearances and special
     events and
even raised the money to sponsor a car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series
     to help create awareness of Eosinophilic Diseases.

     In addition to creating awareness, through special events, Ricky and Racing for a Cause

     have been able to raise funds for APFED for the distribution of Diagnostic Criteria of
     Eosinophilic Diseases to physicians at major medical conferences.

     It is Ricky's dream that every pediatrician, family doctors and specialist around the world
     know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of Eosinophilic Diseases and provide
     appropriate treatments, so that others aren't left to suffer needlessly like he did.

"I had to do something to help all the kids and adults who are suffering, trying to get an accurate diagnosis.  God gave me this disease for a reason - I have to help others. " - Ricky Springer

About Racing for a Cause

"NO ONE should suffer and live in pain like I did."